Uttarakhand Board class 9 Home Science Syllabus


One Theory paper, Time : 3 Hours, 75  Marks

Unit I: Concept and Scope of Home Science. (05 Marks)

Unit II : Family-a unit of society : Type & size of family; reasons for change in family types, effect of size on welfare of its members, role of family members in its smooth functioning. ( 10 Marks)

Unit III : Food and its relation to health: Definition of food, health, nutrition, nutrients and balanced diet, functions of food (10 Marks)

  • energy giving
  • growth and repair
  • protection against diseases
  • regulation of body functions
  • psychological satisfaction
  • sociological function
  • Inter relationship betwen food and health.

Unit IV: Methods of cooking : boiling, steaming, pressure cooking, frying, roasting & baking brief description of each & suitability for foods. (10 Marks)

Unit V: Functions of a home : protective and social characteristics of functional house-security, light, ventilation, sanitation (brief description of disposal of waste water, garbage and human excreta) & surroundings.  (10 marks)

Unit VI : Safety in the house : prevention of accidents in the kitchen and bathroom-cuts, falls, burns, electric shock, poisoning,safe use of fuels; first-aid given to cuts, bruises,burns, scalds, poisoning,shocks & bites.  (10 marks)

Unit VII : Fabrics available in the market : Definition of fibre and yarn; classification of fibre on the basis of origin and length; yarn making, blends,construction of fabric-weaving (Different types of weaves-plain, twill and stain), felting and knitting; characteristics of fibres-length, durability, absorbency, heat conductivity resilience and elasticity; effect of heat, moth and mildew, acids and alkalis.  (14 marks)

Unit VIII : Selection of clothes : factors affecting selection

  • fabric related factors (characteristics of fibre, fabric construction)
  • person related factors-age, occupation occasion, fashion, figure, comfort
  • Other factors-climate & cost 06

Practicals (25 marks)

  1. Observe your own family for -type, size & role of each member. Record the activities of all members on any one typical day of the family.
  2. Observe food preparation using different methods and record taste, texture, colour of ready food.
  3. Prepare food using different methods of cooking.
  4. Study your own house for light ventilation, disposal of waste water and surroundings and record your observations.
  5. Study your house for measures of safety against accidents and give suggestions for improvement.
  6. Practice giving first aid to cuts, burns, fevers, scalds and bites.
  7. Collect samples of fabrics available in the market and present a comparative picture on the basis of cost (optional), durability, appearance and suitability.
  8. Identification of fabric-physical appearance and burning test.