Uttarakhand Board class 10 Home Science Syllabus

Class X HOME SCIENCE (Theory)

Time : 3 Hours, One Paper, Marks : 75 + 25

Unit I : Principles of growth and development of child; growth and development of children between birth to 3 years. Important milestones in physical, motor, social, emotional and language development of children; physical, social and emotional needs of children (10 marks)

Unit II : Role of books, music rhymes, games, radio, TV & Video, in the life of a child upto 3 years of age. (4 marks)

Unit III : Play : Meaning, need and types of play in children between birth & 3 yrs; Characteristics of play-active, passive, natural, serious and exploratory Play materials for children- Characteristics of play material (5 marks)

Unit IV : Nutrients : Functions, sources and deficiency of Carbo hydrates, proteins, Fats Minerals-Iron, Calcium and Iodine and Vitamins- Vitamin A, B, B2, Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Loss of nutrients during cooking, conservation and enhancement of nutrients (7 marks)

Unit V: Meal Planning : Concept, need and factors affecting meal planning-age, sex, climate, occupation, physical needs, number of family members, economic status of family, availability of food, family traditions, likes and dislike and occasion; Food Groups (Basic : 5 suggested by ICMR); Use of food groups in planning balanced diet, food allowances suggested by ICMR. (6 marks)

Unit VI : Food hygiene & methods of storage of food : Rules of hygienic handling of food, Method of storage of perishable, semi-perishable and non-perishable foods. (6 marks)

Unit VII :  Resources available to family : Types of resources-Human (Energy, time, knowledge and skill) Non-Human (money, material goods and community resources); general characteristics of resources, wise use of  resources; personal & shared: (6 marks)

Unit VIII:  Money Management : Family income and expenditure and importance of saving & Investment (6 marks)

Unit IX : Consumer Education : Consumer rights and responsbilities, consumer problems, malpractces of traders-price variation, poor quality, adulteration, faulty weights and measures, non­availability of goods, misleading information, lack of standardised products, misleading advertisement, aids to help consumers-standardisation marks, labels, packages, advertisement, Pamphalets & Leaflets. ( 6 marks)

Unit X: Care of clothes : Cleaning and finishing agents used in everyday care of clothes in the homes: stain removal (precautions and methods); laundering and storage of cotton, silk, wool and synthetics. (14 marks)

Unit XI : Quality check of apparrel : Workmanship of readymade, tailor made garment, reading of lables on clothes. (5 marks)

HOME SCIENCE (Practical)

Practicals: 20+5(sessional work)= 25

  1. Observe and record physical and motor characteristics of a child at any given stage between 0­3 yrs of age.
  2. Observe play activities of children betwen 1-3 yers of Record their interests and characteristics of play materials.
  1. Make a suitable play object for a child between 0-3 yrs.
  2. Prepare dishes using methods of enhancement of nutrients.
  3. Prepare useful household items recycling waste materials.
  4. List any five malpractices you have observed in the market.
  5. Practice basic stitches-tacking, running, hemming and back stitch.
  6. Remove common stains-curry, paint, ball pen ink, lipstic, blood, rust, tea & coffee.
  7. Launder and finish cotton, silk, wool and synthetic articles.
  8. Examine quality of a sitched garment.
  9. Read lable on a ready made garment.

Note : Students are required to maintain record of practical work undertaken in the academic session.